Consider the following statements: 1) Gold Hallmarking is a purity ce

| Consider the following statements:

1) Gold Hallmarking is a purity certification to ensure consumers before buying Gold.

2) Recently, Government has notified Mandatory of Gold Hallmarking with the hall

mark from Bureau of Indian Standard with effect from January 15, 2020.

Which of the following statements given above is/are correct?

A. Both 1 and 2

B. 1 Only

C. 2 Only

D. Neither 1 nor 2

Right Answer is: B


Gold Hallmarking

It is a purity certification which will protect the public against lower caratage and ensure consumers do not get cheated while buying gold ornaments.

Consumers have to watch out for four marks on hallmarked gold jewellery:

o BIS mark

o Purity in carat

o Assay centre’s name

o Jewellers’ identification mark.

Consumer Affairs Minister Ramvilas Paswan announced recently that, no jeweller

will be allowed to sell gold jewellery or artefacts without hallmark from the Bureau of

Indian Standards from January 15, 2021, onwards.

Bureau of Indian Standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national Standards Body of India working under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public

Distribution, Government of India.

It is established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 which came into effect on 23 December 1986.

The Minister in charge of the Ministry or Department having administrative control of

the BIS is the ex-officio President of the BIS.

The BIS Act 2016 has enabling provisions under Section 14 & Section 16 for mandatory hallmarking of Gold jewellery & artefacts by the Central Government.

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