He said that he had passed the physical test. Rules for changing such

| He said that he had passed the physical test.

A. He told, “I had passed the physical test.”

B. He said, “I have passed the physical test.”

C. He exclaimed, “I have passed the physical test”.

D. He said, “I hope to pass the physical test.”

Right Answer is:


Rules for changing such sentences into indirect narrations are given below:-
Said changes to prayed/wished/bade/cursed/thanked etc as per the sense of the sentence.
Inverted commas (” “) are removed and “that” is used instead. However, in some sentences, “that” is not used.
Past perfect tense changes to present perfect tense.
As the given sentence is in indirect form, one can apply these rules in reverse order to form the direct speech.
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

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