She exclaimed, "I am afraid we are rather late!" This is a direct narr

| She exclaimed, “I am afraid we are rather late!”

A. She exclaimed that they were frightened of being late.

B. She exclaimed that she was afraid that they were rather late.

C. She shouted that they were scared that they would be late.

D. She screamed that she was worried that they would all be late.

Right Answer is:


This is a direct narration of exclamatory sentence. We change such sentences in indirect narration using following rules:
“Exclaimed” will remain the same. Inverted commas (” “) are removed and that is used instead. Sign of exclamation (!) given is removed and full stop is used.
The reporting verb is in present tense, so it will be changed into past tense. 
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

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