“What a terrible storm it is!" he said. This is a direct narration of

| “What a terrible storm it is!” he said.

A. He exclaimed that it was a very terrible storm.

B. He exclaimed that it has been a terrible storm.

C. He exclaimed that it will be a terrible storm.

D. He exclaimed that it is a terrible storm.

Right Answer is:


This is a direct narration of exclamatory sentence. Said here will be changed to exclaimed. Inverted commas (” “) will be removed and that is used instead. Sign of exclamation (!) will be removed and a full stop is used. As the reported verb has words like “what a” or “how”, the word “very” will be used in place of them in the indirect speech. The verb of the reported tense is in simple present and it will be changed to simple past tense. Hence following these rules, option A is the correct answer.

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